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Induction Training

Induction Training provided by TechGroup Company is one of our specialized training solutions for fresh graduates about to be inducted into corporate projects, which is aimed at bridging the gap between the current skills of a graduate and the expectations by the IT industry.

The training is aimed to help a newly appointed employee to get accustomed to the procedures and systems of the organization so that the employee is able to settle down to quickly within the new environment and deliver what is expected by the organization. The training, which is delivred by world class experts also helps fresh recruits to upgrade their skills so as to meet the objectives and also to help them to enhance their knowledge in the language that is known to them as well as training them in other platforms and languages.

TechGroup Company is dedicated towards providing the best solutions in Knowledge Management and thereby help individuals make a difference when pursuing their career goals. We are a solutions provider in Knowledge Management, committed to delivering top quality and state-of-the-art solutions in Management Technology, serving the specific needs of Information Technology Industry. We also organize training programs throughout the calendar year and from time to time for our clients, which are imparted by industry expert trainers from all across the world, possessing star status and having a sea of knowledge.

The objectives of our Induction Training are to help the IT organizations save time and money, reduction of employee turnover, and improving upon the operational efficiency. The benefits that a new hire will get from the training program, include, feeling valued and respected, getting a comprehensive information about the organization, and improving upon the quality of communication. A fresh recruit will feel more comfortable when introduced to seniors, peers and subordinates and thereby feel good to be a part of the family within the organization.

The process of the Induction Training includes behavioral readiness, project training, check and review and test and certification. Ultimalety, the training helps in seamless integration of a new recruit into an organization, helping the employee to contribute effectively to the company. In this way, both the company and employees are benefitted. We help you to be among the top IT professionals in the world with the best training delivered y the best in the industry.